Showcooking hall

This hall is where modern and industrial styles blend, creating a space that inspires and impresses. The walls are covered in bricks, and metal panels and doors add authenticity to the industrial design. Over 130 retro bulbs hanging create a beautiful warm atmosphere. The play of blue and yellow pastel colors on the chairs adds coziness to the modernism. Soft blue tones emphasize contemporary elegance, while yellow accents add a touch of warmth and freshness.

The furniture is made from bold, innovative materials, contributing to the originality of the venue. Tables and chairs are arranged to create a pleasant atmosphere for socializing while maintaining a modern and stylish character.

A large showcase, behind which our bakery is tucked, where we make Petru’s delicious sourdough bread, retro scales, and all the culinary books, emphasize a tasty experience. Small copper pots, ladles, and spice jars provide what we want to create at Petru’s, namely Comfort Food.

The hall has 70 seats, suitable for both everyday visits and organized events. Your celebration or corporate event will be memorable at Petru’s.