VIP lounge

The VIP lounge at the restaurant provides our special guests with a stylish and unique atmosphere, painted in shades of yellow and green. Experience comfort and luxury while enjoying the cozy setting, which feels like a picturesque scene. Golden touches turn into bright accents, adding to the interior’s charm and highlighting an innovative area that combines coziness and style. With soft lighting and heavy curtains, the space creates a feeling of intimacy and sophistication. The interior follows an English Cabinet theme with modern and clean lines, giving it a fresh look. Fourteen chairs around a large table symbolize unity and importance in the space, where the warmth of yellow blends with contemporary green. The colors merge, creating a harmony reminiscent of nature’s richness, bringing a sense of freshness and vitality. The main focus is on a large table surrounded by 14 chairs, symbolizing togetherness and community. Step into the world of Aristocratic Modernism and enjoy a uniquely delightful gastronomic journey.

You can book the VIP lounge for your event, whether it’s a private gathering or a business meeting. It comes equipped with a large 65” TV and its own sound system, making it suitable for corporate events too.